The Jack Rabbit Story

Jack Rabbit Storage has called Hampton Roads home for over 40 years. We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our friends, neighbors and military service members over the decades. When we opened the first Jack Rabbit in 1977, our goal was to bring a new concept, then called “mini-warehouses,” to Hampton Roads. Back then, most people had never heard of self-storage. In fact, Jack Rabbit was one of the very first to develop modern self-storage centers in Virginia.

Jack Rabbit is still leading the industry, 40 years (and 10 more locations) later. Our goal is unchanged: to provide the best possible storage experience at the lowest possible price.

In 1977, no one expected our small, family-owned “mini-warehouse” company to grow into Hampton Roads’ premier self-storage provider. Looking back, we can point to a few key reasons for our success:


Keys to Success:

4 Generations of Experience: Since day one, Jack Rabbit customers have benefited from our team’s unmatched experience in the moving and storage industry. We’re proud of the work our parents and grandparents put into Jack Rabbit and you can rest assured that we’ll continue the tradition of excellent service for decades to come!

Staying Local: Jack Rabbit has always been locally owned and operated. By staying local, we can provide a level of customer service and individual attention that the national chains simply can’t match. For example, Jack Rabbit customers always speak directly with their friendly local manager and never have to dial an 800-number!

Keeping it Simple: Our goal has always been to keep storage simple. While our competitors have created teaser rates and all sorts of new hidden fees, we’ve kept our straightforward rental rates and no hidden fees. Our “Keep it Simple” approach has worked – customers overwhelmingly prefer simple, steady rates!


The Bottom Line:

Over the decades, we’ve learned that doing business is about more than just maximizing profits; it’s about building relationships with customers through quality service, fair dealing and trust.

You can count on Jack Rabbit to continue to provide the highest quality storage solutions for decades to come.

Stop by today and become a part of the Jack Rabbit story!