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Staying In Tune - How To Move A Piano

The Jack Rabbit Team | March 15, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Pianos can provide music to the soul and beauty to the eye. They are the epitome of elegance and grace that can move us to our core. But when it’s time to move them, a lot of care should be taken to keep them beautiful and intact. Follow the tips below for a successful move.


You will need help for this task – a lot of help. Pianos typically weigh 300 – 1,000 pounds. Entice some friends to assist you with this one; just two or three people won’t cut it. Five people would be ideal. Try to avoid recruiting anyone with back, leg, hip, or arm injuries or with a history of such. Make sure you and your buddies wear the appropriate clothing and shoes for the move.

You won’t just need the right people – you’ll need the right tools, too. This includes a measuring tape, plenty of moving pads, tape, and a dolly capable of holding the piano. A piano board would be a great help in the move. If you use one, you’ll need straps and a screwdriver, too.

If you have stairs, it is a good idea to set up ramps. These can be rented from moving companies and are often found with moving truck rental companies. Put all ramps in place before the move.


It’s a good idea to measure hallways and doors to make sure your piano can fit through. Move all furniture and any other items from the projected path. Roll up and move rugs and mats. Open all doors and cover any sharp objects that could nick the piano.

If you are moving a grand piano, the legs will need to be removed. This is where things get tricky. You will need to have your crew hold the piano up while the legs are removed.

With all that out of the way, it’s time to wrap the piano with the moving pads. Before wrapping, it is important to lower and secure the top lid. Make sure to cover the piano completely to protect the painted and lacquered surfaces and secure the pads with tape. For a tighter wrap, use shrink wrap to secure the pads.


If you are moving an upright piano, most have a grip handle on the back side. If there are none, feel around for a horizontal board near the middle of the frame that can be gripped instead.

With all movers in place with a firm grip, begin lifting from a squatting position. This is a proper lifting technique that will help prevent back strain or injury. Lift the piano high enough to center onto the dolly. Once settled, use moving straps to secure the piano to the dolly.


Carefully roll the dolly with your movers on all sides to ensure there is no uneven distribution of weight. Have at least one spotter to look out for uneven surfaces such as cracks in the concrete. Pushing the piano up the truck ramp can be the most challenging. Have the two strongest movers at the back to push up, one at the front end to pull and guide, and one along each side to assist and stabilize.

Once in the truck, place the piano against a wall of the truck. Use the moving straps in the truck to fasten the piano. Tighten the straps enough that the piano can’t be shifted.


As you can tell, moving a piano can be a daunting task. If you opt to do it yourself, stop by your local Jack Rabbit to schedule a rental truck and/or purchase supplies for your move!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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