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Home Staging: Tips to Impress

The Jack Rabbit Team | April 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

If you’ve ever sold a home, you know that when it comes time to put it on the market, having the home be visually appealing can help get it sold fast. Home staging can help you achieve this. Home staging is a method of decorating with the intent to highlight your home’s most impressive assets; it helps buyers imagine themselves living in your space. With the right staging, your home will appeal to buyers over other homes in the area. You don’t have to hire a home stager – follow these tips to do it yourself for little to no cost.


Clutter is chaotic, and chaos is not what you want to convey to your potential buyers. Clutter also takes up valuable space, which is what your buyers are looking for. You don’t have to throw your clutter away, but it needs to go somewhere else temporarily until the house is sold. Don’t put the clutter in the garage or shed on the property. These are features of the home, which buyers will see. Rent a storage unit or ask a friend to help you out.

 Typical clutter you want to remove includes off-season clothing to thin out the closets, paper clutter, personal/outdated home décor (you want to create a blank canvas for your buyers), or anything you don’t need on a daily basis. Remember, buyers will be looking everywhere – closets, laundry rooms, attic, basement, etc. The less clutter and personal items they see, the better. 


You may think that your spring cleaning game is on point, but when it comes to staging your home, spring cleaning is never enough. A clean home gives the impression of pride of ownership to buyers. You’ll want to clean everything – refrigerator, stove, blinds, fan blades, crown molding, baseboards, bathrooms, cabinets (inside and out) – basically every square inch of your home. If you don’t have the time to clean, hiring a professional cleaning company to do the brunt of the work can help. Once your home is spotless, you must maintain it. Do a quick scrub down before buyers visit.

 Don’t forget to make sure your home smells fresh as well. Don’t overpower it – scents that are too strong can turn some people off. Most times the cleaning chemicals you use can add a crisp fragrance. If you want a stronger aroma, a cheap trick is to save your orange or lemon peels, add to a small pot of water and bring to a boil. It will smell citrusy and clean. 


Now is the time to repair or replace the little things. Get ready to tackle nicks, holes, scratches, or other little things buyers will notice. Look for wall scruffs, spackle and caulk as needed, replace or repair loose boards or stairs, etc.

 Once touched up, think about the paint color scheme of your home. Some people like to personalize their homes with bright colors or wild wallpaper to match their personalities. While you may love the bright pink walls in your room, most buyers will be turned off. Remember, you want to give them a blank canvas. Choose neutral colors, like light gray, taupe, or white. 


Maximize your living space by rearranging your furniture. Some of us arrange furniture for our living situation – for example, angling the couch in a certain direction to better see the TV, or perhaps we have more furniture than we really need. Maybe we don’t need that extra couch or ottoman; store it with your other clutter. Is the loveseat old and torn? Store it. Move the remaining furniture to make the room feel as spacious as possible.

 Light is your best friend when staging a home. The more light in the room, the larger the room feels. Open your blinds and curtains to let natural light shine in. Turn on all lights when buyers come over, including hall and closet lights. This helps your home seem more inviting and keeps buyers from fumbling for a light switch. 


Of course, the first thing a buyer will see as they approach your home is the front entrance. Keep any outside decorations classy and remove seasonal décor. Give your porch and steps a good sweep or power wash, and knock down any spider webs around your light fixtures. A simple, clean doormat is fine to use, and placing one or two potted plants gives a homey feel.

Tend to your landscaping. Cut your lawn and pull weeds. Refresh the mulch and maybe add some simple flowers or small bushes. If the landscaping is a mess, buyers may not want the added stress of having to tackle that.

Staging your home doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to get the right buyer. It just takes some effort and elbow grease. If you use an agent, listen to their suggestions as well. They know what features sell and they know what buyers in your area are looking for. If you need extra space to store your clutter, stop by your local Jack Rabbit – we can help!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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