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Cardboard Boxes vs Totes - Which is Better for Your Move?

The Jack Rabbit Team | August 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

When it’s time to move, making things easier is always a good idea. Moving is a daunting task, so finding easy solutions can save you time and hassle. Most moving and storage companies (including Jack Rabbit Storage) provide moving boxes and supplies to purchase for one-stop shopping convenience. But when it is time to pack and store, which option is better: cardboard or plastic? Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

Cardboard boxes:

  • Boxes can be found available for purchase at many storage facilities and home improvement stores. They are usually very low cost. It’s also easy to find unwanted, used boxes from sites such as Craigslist.
  • Boxes for packing and storing are usually sold in standard sizes consisting of small, medium, and large sizes. Heavier items should be placed in smaller boxes to keep the integrity of the box intact.
  • Boxes must be put together with tape. Labeling boxes helps keep things organized.
  • Cardboard boxes stack well together in storage units and moving trucks.
  • Cardboard boxes are durable but susceptible to rips, tears, and crushing.
  • Insects like cardboard, so it is possible you could inadvertently bring some with you from your old house to your new.
  • Cardboard can be damaged by water and moisture.
  • Cardboard is recyclable, which also means eventually they will break down over time.
  • Broken-down boxes are easy to fold down and store for future use.

Plastic totes:

  • Plastic totes and containers are generally found in home décor and department stores. Their prices are usually higher than cardboard boxes. Some moving companies will rent out plastic containers.
  • Plastic containers come in several different shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of this, plastic totes are not always easily stacked, so they may take up more space than traditional cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic totes do not have to be put together with tape, and if they are translucent, they don’t need to be labeled. Because no tape is needed with them, unpacking is neat and easy.
  • Empty plastic containers nest together nicely, making it easier to store several and keep the mess down while unpacking.
  • Insects are less prone to entering plastic containers. Water usually can’t damage the container, so your electronics and other valuable items may be safer in plastic.
  • Plastic totes are very durable and usually will not burst if overpacked.
  • Totes are very reusable and have a long lifespan. They offer a better solution to long-term storage than cardboard.

So, which is better for you? That really depends on the situation. If you are doing a one-time move, cardboard boxes have a greater benefit for you as a short-term, one-time use. If you are planning to store for long periods of time, plastic totes may be the way to go. All Jack Rabbit Storage locations offer cardboard boxes, tape, and other moving supplies, so stop by your nearest location for all your moving and storage needs.

The Jack Rabbit Team
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