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The Delicate Cycle - How to Prepare Your Washer & Dryer for Storage

The Jack Rabbit Team | May 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM


If you’re in between homes, or your new place doesn’t have washer and dryer hook-ups, you will need to keep those appliances in storage if you want to keep them. Whatever your situation, the following tips will prove useful as you prepare your washer and dryer for storage.


First thing’s first: clean your washer. Not properly cleaning your washer can cause rust. Additionally, detergent residue can harden and make it almost impossible to clean. The easiest way to clean your washer by running a hot water cycle with vinegar. Then dry it thoroughly with a towel.

All you’ll want to do for your dryer is clean out the lint tray well, by simply rubbing a damp cloth against its filter.


If you still have the manual for your washer and dryer, you can consult that for instructions on how to disconnect your appliances. However, if you’re like most people and tossed the manual, you’ll want to turn off the water, the electricity breakers, and disconnect the hoses. Your machines will then be ready to move.


You may be surprised by how light washers and dryers are. But, whether they’re light or heavy, you’ll want to purchase or borrow a dolly. Transportation will be much easier, and you won’t have to worry about denting or jarring anything. Jack Rabbit Storage has a free dolly with truck rental, and some locations offer an appliance dolly to rent daily. If you hire a moving company, don’t forget to stay informed about their policies regarding large appliances.


Wrap both your machines with either shrink wrap or moving pads. Both of these items can be purchased in any Jack Rabbit facility office. This will keep them clean from dust and protect them from dents and scratches if you’ll be moving things around a lot.

Another thing you’ll want to do is store them on pallets. This will keep them from forming condensation underneath, as pallets allow airflow. If pallets aren’t an option, place a plastic tarp on the concrete floor before storing.

Stop by your local Jack Rabbit for more information and storage tips.

The Jack Rabbit Team
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