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Traditional vs Temperature Control Storage

The Jack Rabbit Team | November 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM


So, you have found yourself in a predicament and need some extra space to store your items. You shop around and see an option of temperature control (often referred as climate control) or traditional storage spaces. So, what’s the difference?


These units usually consist of the garage-style spaces with drive-up access and a roll-up door. They were the standard in the industry. Traditional spaces are perfect for shorter periods of storage and for items that are not as susceptible to temperature changes. Traditional spaces are also more economic than temperature control.


So then, what’s the big deal about temperature control? In many parts of the country, including the South, humidity and high temperatures are prevalent in the summer. That kind of climate is potentially problematic for certain stored items.

Temperature controlled spaces are just that – they are held at a specific temperature during the year, typically below 85-90 degrees in the summer and above freezing in the winter. Some facilities offer an extra layer of protection by using a dehumidifier to keep the humidity down as well. This is great for items such as pictures, books/paperwork, leather furniture, etc. If you own an item that is especially sensitive to moisture, do some extra research to make sure the facility of your choice offers humidity control at least around 55%.

Temperature controlled spaces also usually rent for a premium. The cost can vary widely between 20%-50% higher than traditional in some areas.


The short answer to this is yes. There are many ways to help protect your items while in storage. Here are some tips:

  • The first and most important step is to properly clean your items and make sure they are dry before storing.
  • Place a barrier between your items and the floor and walls. This can be plastic covers or wooden pallets on the floor, but whatever you choose will be helpful in dealing with possible moisture.
  • Use a moisture-reducing product to help keep moisture down. Jack Rabbit offers Moisture Grabbers at every location.
  • Store furniture and other items correctly. Protect furniture by wrapping it in plastic or breathable fabric. If you are storing electronics, use the original packaging if possible. If not, use a similar size box and fill with bubble wrap, packing paper, or packing peanuts.

No matter what type of unit you choose, Jack Rabbit Storage can help! We offer traditional and temperature-controlled units at most facilities. We also offer a wide variety of products to help with all your storage needs!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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