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Top Photography Locations in Virginia Beach | A Photographer's Paradise

The Jack Rabbit Team | June 30, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Greetings, photography enthusiasts. Today, we journey to the beautiful coastal city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Renowned for its miles of sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, and historical sites, Virginia Beach is truly a haven for photographers. Whether you are an amateur with a passion for capturing moments or a professional in search of breathtaking scenes, Virginia Beach has a lot to offer. You may be a local, or a visitor, but either way, you’re bound to get some stunning photos.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Begin your photographic adventure at the iconic Virginia Beach Boardwalk. This three-mile-long promenade, lined with benches, bike paths, and sculptures, provides ample opportunities for engaging street photography. The vibrant energy of beachgoers, the myriad of activities, and the kaleidoscopic sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean provide a dynamic backdrop for unforgettable photos.

First Landing State Park

Next, venture into the lush realm of First Landing State Park. As the most visited state park in Virginia, it offers an array of unique landscapes, from majestic bald cypress trees towering over the swamps to the serene, sun-dappled trails. This rich biodiversity presents countless opportunities for nature photography. First Landing State Park is a crown jewel among Virginia Beach’s attractions, boasting a rich historical heritage as well as a diverse natural ecosystem. Covering over 2,800 acres, this park is situated where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, making it a location of significant historical importance as the first landing spot of the Jamestown colonists in 1607. The park offers an intricate network of trails through lush maritime forests, cypress swamps, and salt marshes. With 1.5 miles of beachfront, it's an ideal spot for water enthusiasts as well.

Cape Henry Lighthouses

For a taste of history coupled with panoramic views, visit the Cape Henry Lighthouses located on the Fort Story military base. The historic lighthouse, built in 1792, and the new lighthouse standing beside it offer striking architectural contrasts. Ascend the old lighthouse's winding staircase for an unobstructed view of the surrounding waterways and coastline.

Mount Trashmore Park

Don't let its name fool you - Mount Trashmore Park is a must-visit for any photographer. A marvel of environmental engineering, this park was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. Today, it boasts verdant hills, waterways, and an extensive skate park. From action shots at the skate park to tranquil images of the park's natural beauty, Mount Trashmore offers varied photographic potential.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay, is a haven for wildlife photographers. The area is teeming with an array of bird species, from migratory flocks to permanent residents. The serene beaches, maritime forests, and marshy wetlands are the perfect settings to capture Virginia's diverse fauna.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Finally, for a more controlled environment but equally captivating subjects, consider a visit to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Its varied aquatic exhibits offer unique opportunities to photograph fascinating marine creatures in detailed close-ups.

The ViBe Creative District

A lesser-known gem in Virginia Beach is the ViBe Creative District. This area is a cultural enclave brimming with art studios, craft breweries, mural-adorned buildings, and eclectic boutiques. For photographers looking to capture the creative pulse of the city, this district is a treasure trove. The vivid murals that grace the buildings make for vibrant and striking backdrops. Moreover, the lively atmosphere with artisans and patrons gives the space an invigorating spirit that is sure to add a layer of dynamism to your photographs.

Sandbridge Beach

For those seeking a more secluded and tranquil beach experience, Sandbridge Beach is the place to be. Located a bit south of the main Virginia Beach resort area, Sandbridge offers five miles of pristine sand dunes and gentle waves. It's a picturesque setting for landscape and portrait photography. Capture the serene essence of the ocean, the play of light on the undulating dunes, and the flocks of seabirds that frequent this peaceful beach. This locale is particularly enchanting during sunrise and sunset, where the sky is painted in shades of gold, pink, and orange.

As you can see, Virginia Beach provides a stunning array of locales for photographers, from its vibrant boardwalk to its serene wildlife refuges. Whether you're captivated by urban landscapes, natural scenery, wildlife, or historic structures, Virginia Beach's diverse landscapes are a visual delight. As you explore and capture these locations, remember that each photograph is a unique story, a frozen moment that embodies the beauty and spirit of Virginia Beach.

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