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The Haunted History of Virginia Beach

The Jack Rabbit Team | September 6, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Virginia Beach, the city well-known for its golden sands and refreshing ocean waves, harbors a side less talked about—its haunted history. While many come for the sun and surf, others are drawn to the ghostly whispers that echo from its historic sites. If you're looking to trade your sunscreen for a spine-chilling experience, this guide is for you. Pack up your courage, and prepare to uncover a darker, more eerie side of this tourist haven, where history and hauntings mingle in the most unexpected ways.

The Origins of Virginia Beach’s Ghostly Presence

Virginia Beach is one of America's oldest communities, first settled in the early 1600s. With such an extensive history, it’s no surprise that spirits of the past may still linger. From colonial hauntings to legends of lost love, the spectral imprint is as rich as the city's historical narrative. Native American spirits and maritime folklore add another layer of supernatural texture to the area. Moreover, the geography itself—with its isolated beaches and dark, dense forests—seems almost crafted for hauntings. Unearthly cries of long-gone warriors and the sea-faring souls have also been reported, blending into a truly mystical atmosphere.

The Cavalier Hotel

One of Virginia Beach's most iconic haunted locations is the Cavalier Hotel. Built in the 1920s, the hotel has been frequented by celebrities and presidents alike. However, it is also known for its ghostly inhabitant—Adolph Coors, the beer magnate, who supposedly fell to his death from one of the hotel's windows. Staff members claim to have heard footsteps in empty corridors and have seen apparitions in vintage clothing. Guests have even reported hearing phantom jazz music coming from empty ballrooms, as if a party from the Roaring Twenties is still in full swing. Some also claim to have seen their room doors open and close on their own, heightening the aura of mysterious happenings.

Ferry Plantation House

Another notable haunted site is the Ferry Plantation House, a 19th-century structure home to no less than 11 reported ghosts. These include spirits of former slaves, the original lady of the house, and even some unfortunate souls who perished in shipwrecks off the coast. Paranormal investigators have recorded strange sounds, voices, and mysterious energy anomalies during their visits. Visitors have also claimed to feel sudden temperature drops in certain rooms, and there have been reports of translucent figures walking through walls. Some brave souls who have ventured inside have felt as though they were being watched, only to find no one else around them.

Lynnhaven House

Constructed in the early 18th century, Lynnhaven House is among Virginia Beach’s historic homes. Visitors have reported strange occurrences, like objects moving on their own and the giggles of invisible children. Local lore even mentions a lady in white who often appears in the garden, as if still tending to her earthly duties. The site is so steeped in eerie happenings that some local schools even arrange field trips to educate students about the local legends. Amateur ghost hunters often find this location a 'hotspot' for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) and mysterious shadows.

Ghost Ship of False Cape

Maritime lore tells the tale of a phantom ship at False Cape. Said to be a 19th-century schooner that sank off the coast, its specter is often seen on foggy nights, hovering above the water. Fishermen claim the eerie sight is accompanied by the sound of an invisible crew, their murmurs blending with the wind. Boaters and fishermen have reported sudden malfunctions of their electronic equipment when passing the area. Natives often warn newcomers to steer clear of False Cape waters during full moons, claiming that's when the spectral ship is most likely to appear.

Tips for Ghost Hunting in Virginia Beach

  • Do Your Research

Study the locations you intend to visit. Knowing the history enriches the experience and helps you recognize any potential paranormal activity. The Virginia Beach library and online archives are excellent resources to start with, offering local newspapers and journals that often contain first-hand accounts.

  • Be Respectful

Remember, many of these locations are not just tourist attractions but are considered historic sites. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Always ask for permission if a site is private property or if you want to take photographs during your ghost-hunting expeditions.

  • Safety First

It’s advisable to go ghost hunting with a group and during permitted hours. Some locations may not welcome visitors after dark. Make sure to inform someone not involved in your adventure about your whereabouts, in case of an emergency.

  • Equipment

If you're serious about documenting your experiences, consider carrying basic ghost-hunting gear like EMF meters and voice recorders. Some seasoned ghost hunters also suggest carrying salt or sage as a form of protection against any malevolent spirits you may encounter.

  • Local Tours

Many professional ghost tours are available, which not only guide you but also narrate the history of the haunted spots. These tours usually have experienced paranormal investigators who can offer insights and tips for capturing evidence of the otherworldly.

The haunted history of Virginia Beach offers a unique lens through which to explore this beloved vacation destination. For those who dare to tread the line between this world and the next, the city provides a hauntingly rich landscape. Just remember: in Virginia Beach, you’re never alone—not even when you think you are. So the next time you feel a sudden chill while walking along the beach, or hear mysterious whispers while exploring the town, don’t be too quick to dismiss them. You might just have had your own ghostly encounter in Virginia Beach!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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