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Sustainable Tourism in Virginia Beach: An Eco-Friendly Travel Guide for the Conscious Traveler

The Jack Rabbit Team | August 2, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Virginia Beach, Virginia, a haven of coastal splendor, not only boasts miles of stunning shoreline but has also become a hub for eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. As a conscious traveler, you may be wondering how to embrace sustainable practices during your visit. From green accommodations to environmentally friendly activities, this guide provides all you need to know to explore Virginia Beach responsibly.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

First, we suggest when you book your visit, that you look at certified green hotels. Many Virginia Beach hotels have sought green certifications, reflecting their commitment to sustainability. These establishments often use energy-efficient lighting, low-flow water fixtures, and provide recycling options, so you can feel good about staying there, knowing that you’re doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint during your trip.

Here are a few good options. Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center prides itself on energy conservation and recycling. Founders Inn and Spa is praised for its beautiful gardens and use of eco-friendly cleaning products. If you’d prefer to go camping, consider eco-friendly sites like First Landing State Park.

Sustainable Transportation

Yes, you need to get around town! But while on your trip, consider setting your car aside. Instead, check out Virginia Beach’s robust network of bike trails. Renting a bike is not only a fun way to explore but also cuts down on emissions. Then, there’s public transportation, the point of which is to reduce the reliance on cars and the amount of carbon emissions per person. So, consider using the Hampton Roads Transit system, a green and cost-effective way to move around.

Eco-Friendly Dining

Dining locally is an essential aspect of sustainable travel. Plus, you’re in Virginia Beach, so of course you want to try the local cuisine.

Enjoy farm-to-table meals at some of these restaurants. Commune serves seasonal dishes made from local ingredients. Terrapin Restaurant uses organic and sustainably-sourced products.

Responsible Beach Going

Virginia Beach is home to some pristine beaches, and it’s our responsibility to keep them that way. There are a lot of things you can do to help. First, Use reusable containers, like reusable water bottles and snack containers. Avoid plastic bags and straws, which, in many areas, can be said to be clogging up the environment. Many local shops offer reusable alternatives. Also, please stick to designated paths. Walking on dunes can harm native vegetation, so avoid this practice.

Eco-Friendly Activities

There are so many eco-friendly activities, and the best part about them is they’re fun!

We suggest trying these two to start. First, there’s kayaking and paddle boarding, terrific options for enjoying the water without a motor. Rentals are available throughout the city. You can also try bird watching. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a bird-watcher's paradise and is maintained with eco-friendly practices.

Support Local Businesses

Choose to support local artisans and businesses that focus on sustainable products. Farmers' markets and craft fairs are great places to find local treasures. Virginia Beach offers boutiques and other wonderful shops for you to enjoy, and find something unique.

Participate in Community Cleanups

Volunteering in beach cleanups or community garden projects can be a fulfilling way to give back, especially if you’re a local, or on an extended vacation.

Sustainable tourism in Virginia Beach is not just a buzzword; it’s a tangible reality that offers conscious travelers an opportunity to enjoy this coastal gem without compromising the environment. By choosing green accommodations, engaging in responsible beach going, dining at local, sustainable restaurants, and participating in eco-friendly activities, visitors to Virginia Beach can have an unforgettable and responsible adventure.

From the calming waves to the lush parks, Virginia Beach’s natural beauty is worth preserving. Let’s keep it beautiful by traveling with care and thoughtfulness. Happy travels!

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