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Self-Storage Helps with Holiday Shopping

The Jack Rabbit Team | December 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

If you prefer to complete all your holiday shopping early, you should definitely have a plan. Perhaps you already know which gifts you want to buy friends and family, and you’re able to get everything at affordable prices. You have the perfect hiding place for presents, too, but while you’re busy crushing it for Christmas or Hanukkah, you might not realize one thing:

Your family is one step ahead of you. They’re sniffing out packages, eyeing their shape, and testing their weight. If you want a family holiday gathering without spoilers, it’s time to up your game. Self-storage can help.

It’s no secret that renting a self-storage unit can offer a family great benefits during the colder months. When you want to bring out your Christmas tree, yard fixtures, or other holiday decorations, you can move surplus furniture into the storage space. After the New Year, you make the exchange and restore your home to normal. If you intend to spend the winter holidays at home, your storage unit also works as a safe space to hold presents as you purchase them.


Store Those Hard To Hide Gifts

It’s natural to want a nice gift for Christmas, and to give one to a special someone. Self-storage is especially helpful if you’ve arranged for Santa to deliver big items. Bicycles, large flat-screen televisions, and new furniture will remain safe in a storage unit until you are ready to give them. Maybe this is the year somebody gets a new car? If so, you can rent a storage space large enough to hold it.


Before You Rent…

Keep a few things in mind before you incorporate the use of a storage unit into your holiday shopping. First, make sure you’re aware of the facility’s holiday hours. If you think you may need assistance from the managers – be it renting a truck to transport your things or to purchase packing items – find out if they plan to close early on Christmas Eve. Some facilities also close access to renters on holidays, so know the schedule and avoid complications with retrieving presents.

If you plan to order some gifts and don’t want them shipped to your home, you might think it a good idea to have them shipped directly to the storage center. Do not presume this is acceptable. Your storage center may have a policy where they cannot accept packages on behalf of their renters. Check with the manager first, and if that’s not an option, look into alternatives for shipping presents.

Self-storage not only keeps your holiday decorations safe when not in use, it’s a good place to hide presents from curious eyes and hands. Talk to the manager at your storage center for more details.

The Jack Rabbit Team
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