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Motorcycle Storage

The Jack Rabbit Team | January 15, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

You’ve enjoyed your motorcycle all spring and summer, but now that summer is coming to an end, it is time to get it winterized before storage. Unless you live in an area that stays warm all year, driving your beauty during the colder months is just not feasible or safe. Whether you are putting your hog in your garage, shed, or in a storage facility, follow these tips to keep it safe during the winter.


Add some fresh fuel to the tank and use a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas from deteriorating, which will cause your carburetor to gunk up. Once done, turn your motorcycle on and let it run for a while so the treated fuel can cycle through.

It’s important to change the oil and filter plug before storing to avoid possible corrosion later.  Over time, oils will degrade and can possibly corrode the engine parts – it only takes a few months.

Check your bike’s other fluids, too. The brake, coolant and clutch fluids should be refilled or replaced if needed. Make sure to use the type and amount recommended by your manufacturer. If you prefer, you can just drain the fluids altogether and refill when you are ready to ride again. This might be a better solution for you if you are unable to check your bike often.


Your battery should be fully charged when stored. Also disconnect your battery, especially if you are unable to check your bike while in storage.

Try to store your bike off the ground. Prolonged weight on the tires tends to cause flat spots and wear them out unevenly. Most people will not be able to arrange that, so the most efficient way to keep your tires at their best is to fill them to the maximum volume. Once stored, make an effort to rotate the tires once a week or so.


No matter where you store, your bike will tend to collect moisture. This can cause rust or ruin any leather. Give your motorcycle a thorough wash and dry, then wax to ensure corrosion and rust will stay away. Give your exhaust pipe a good spray with WD-40 as well.

Cover your bike with a breathable fabric cover, no matter where you choose to store it. This will prevent sunlight damage to leather and paint and does a great job of keeping dust and debris from building up.


Check out your local Jack Rabbit Storage location to see the different parking options for your motorcycle!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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