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Clothing Storage - When the Closet is Not Enough

The Jack Rabbit Team | October 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

When seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Shorts and tank tops are cleared out to make room for sweaters, coats, gloves and hats. When it’s time to put the wardrobe away, here are some great clothing storage tips to make sure your clothes stay in good condition and fresh during the off-season.


Now is the best time to clean your clothes thoroughly. Any stains left on the clothing will darken and become worse during storage. Clean your clothing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keeping your clothes clean also means insects may be less attracted to them, so taking a little extra time to clean and sanitize will go a long way.


Although it may be tempting to keep off-season clothes on hangers, it is not the best storage solution for many types of clothing items. However, if you choose to hang, make sure you use the hanging loops often found on clothes to help lighten the load and keep their shape. Wrap the clothing in something breathable such as a light fabric sheet. Leave enough room between hangers for air to circulate. This will keep clothing from wrinkling and creasing.

If you decide hangers are not the way to go, plastic storage totes are your best bet. Cardboard boxes can be used for temporary storage but is not the ideal solution for longer situations. Cardboard can also attract insects and is more vulnerable to moisture. A clean and dry suitcase is also a great container for clothing. Regardless of the type of container you use, line them with acid-free tissue.

Storing clothes in plastic bags is not recommended. Bags do not allow the clothes to breathe and will not keep them neatly folded.


Regardless of the storage solution you choose, keeping your clothing free of insect damage is a top priority. Mothballs have long been the staple of insect repellant in the days of yore. However, they have a notorious odor associated with them and can be dangerous to pets and children. Instead, try cedar blocks. The smell is much earthier, and cedar does a great job of keeping pests out. It is also safe to have around pets and children. Wrap the cedar blocks in an old sock or new cheesecloth so they won’t directly touch your clothes and possibly stain them.


While it may be easier to just toss the clothes in a box and go, it will save time and hassle if you organize your clothing in storage. For example, if you are storing off-season clothes, put those clothes together. Grouping and labeling will save you a ton of frustration and possibly multiple trips to your storage space.

In conclusion, correctly storing your clothes is the best way to make sure they stay in great condition. If you need extra room to store those off-season clothes, stop by your nearest Jack Rabbit location to see how we can help!

The Jack Rabbit Team
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