Boat Storage - Tips to Stay Seaworthy

The Jack Rabbit Team | December 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

You’ve worked hard for that special boat in your life. You gave it a witty name and love to take it out for a day of fun with friends and family. You’ve had a great summer and made plenty of fond memories. But now it’s time to put your favorite maritime toy in storage until next summer. Here are some tips to keep your boat seaworthy until your next voyage.


Take a final cruise in your boat before you store it away. Check to see if there are any maintenance issues before you winterize. Get any repairs done now; the cold winter can exacerbate problems and make them worse, which will just make you sad when you are ready to sail again.

While you’re getting any repairs done, do some regular maintenance. Change the oil and replace the filter. While you’re at it, refresh your craft’s coolant system. This will help prevent freezing during those frigid months. Apply fogging oil to your engine to keep the moving parts preserved over the winter. Remove the drive belts and place them in storage with your boat. This will release them from tension and prevent cracks.


Now that the boat is out of the water, it’s time to clean up. Remove the bilge plug and give the deck and hull a really good scrub. Get as much grime, barnacles, and any other slimy buildup cleaned off as possible. Strainers and thru-hulls should also be cleaned. Give the interior a good wipe down as well. Don’t forget to check the refrigerator and any storage spaces for food and beverages. Rotten food or spilled beverage will spoil your reunion.


Once your vessel is sparkling, it’s time to get it thoroughly dry. Raise the bow to help drain the water from the boat. Make sure that you give it enough time to let the interior moisture evaporate. To help keep any moisture down, use moisture-control items such as Moisture Grabbers and place them in inside the cabin and compartments.


After all that hard work, the only thing left to do is to wax that beauty. Wax not only looks nice, it also stops rust and corrosion. Once that is complete, cover and store.


Storing a boat properly makes the seasonal transition so easy. Check with your local Jack Rabbit location to see what kind of storage solution we can offer for you!