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Best Places to Kayak in Virginia Beach

The Jack Rabbit Team | April 17, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

There are so many breathtaking spots to drop your kayak in the water in Virginia Beach, and it's free! Kayaking is such a versatile hobby, you can enjoy it almost all year along with friends, solo, and even with your dog. All but one of the places I will mention below allow you to launch with your furry friend.


Pungo Ferry Landing Park


Pungo Ferry Landing Park is located in Pungo, Virginia Beach. This area has always been famous for boat goers and jet skiers to pull up on its sandy shores and enjoy the summer heat, but it was not always a park. It was actually once the site of Captain George's Seafood Restaurant. Once the Restaurant closed down, some of its structures still remained and people kept coming to enjoy the beach under the Pungo Ferry Bridge. In 2015, the city cleared the old buildings and Pungo Ferry Landing Park was created.


The park now includes a large, brand-new area for boaters to dock, two small sandy beaches, and a great parking area. The old veranda is also still there, which is mainly used for fishing. The parking area is very close to the beach, so you won’t need to take your kayak far to launch off at one of the small beaches. Little coves created by tall, lush reeds stretch for miles along the North Landing River. If you drive over the bridge, you can really see what I mean; it's truly a beautiful view.


Horn Point View


Horn Point View and Kayak Launch is a little off the beaten path. On your way, you might begin to think you are lost, but trust me – this is a hidden gem. I guarantee you this is a locals-only spot and not highly trafficked. This kayak launch is really unique because you can actually see the backside of Sandbridge Beach from here. 


The water here is part of the Back Bay National WildLife Refuge, so this site is strict about closing at sunset and no pets allowed. This also means you are going to see tons of native wildlife on any path you choose. There are many waterways – if you follow Muddy Creek, you can even kayak up to Blue Pete's Seafood Restaurant.


Lynnhaven Boat Ramp


Lynnhaven Boat Ramp will cost you a few dollars for parking but you can get the most bang for your buck by staying all day. There is a curved beach here jutting right up to the Lesner Bridge. During the sunset, all the restaurants along the Lesner Bridge light up the night, so I recommend packing lunch for a nice beach day and actually launching your kayak at sunset. The lights from the businesses make it easy to see while you're kayaking, and you get to experience the serene waters under a blanket of brilliant stars. This is the only place I know where you can kayak at night safely. It’s a magical experience. To ensure other boaters see you, make sure to wear a headlamp or place a light on your kayak.


These are just a few of my top favorite places to kayak, however the possibilities for kayaking in Virginia Beach are virtually endless. To make the most of any kayak experience, I always recommend SPF, plenty of extra water in an environmentally friendly bottle, a waterproof baggy for electronics etc., and water shoes. Enjoy!


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The Jack Rabbit Team
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